czwartek, 6 sierpnia 2009

transmission-1.73 at centos 5 libcurl problem (update)

As I wrote here there is a problem with transmission and libcurl. I've migrated to new server, but i forgot to migrate packages, so - current you can find here:


everything work like a charm with this packages.

If you have a problem with outdated intltool:
checking for intltool >= 0.40.0... 0.35.0 found
configure: error: Your intltool is too old. You need intltool 0.40.0 or later.

Best thing (I couldn't find working intltool package for centos 5) is give --disable-nls to configure

# ./configure --enable-cli --disable-gtk --disable-mac --disable-nls

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Simon Booth pisze...

This works

extract, configure, make, make install and you're sorted

Simon Booth pisze...

I just noticed a small problem with the libcurl update.

Some libraries (php 5.2.9 on my system) look specifically for /usr/lib/ which, at least on my system, was absent after the upgrade

Fix like this...

cd /usr/lib
ln -s

Anonimowy pisze...

Hi - the links to the rpms seem to be dead - would there be any chance you can update them? thanks!

Marcin Rybak pisze...

done! sorry for problem :)

Pedro pisze...


You can post links por X86_64 bits ?

Marcin Rybak pisze...

@Pedro, currently i don't have any x86_64 machine

Anonimowy pisze...

I finally got the damn thing installed with... ./configure --enable-daemon LIBCURL_CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include LIBCURL_LIBS="-L/usr/local/lib" --enable-cli --disable-gtk --disable-mac --disable-nls

hope this helps someone. its a combination of this post and someone else at the transmission forum with another problem where libtool cant be found

Marcin Rybak pisze...

Thx for answer, possibly in a few days, I'll check it and make working on clean centos i686 and x86_64.

Anonimowy pisze...

You dont have to post this, its just more information for you. From looking at all the threads online it looks like this problem is pretty much isolated to centos and its dependency problems in upgrading to the latest libcurl. Anyway I tried this on another box and I had to do a few more steps this time. However it seems more of a REAL method to fix this problem and not just hacky. First, I downloaded the latest 7.20 curl source and compiled + installed it. Next I followed steps 1 to 2.2 on this page (its actually a pretty good guide for ANY source compiling..) --

Next you have to run ldconfig command as root to link all those changes. Then you can actually just run ./configure --disable-nls on transmission without needing the curl paths. My transmission compiled but would not work (it had some warnings compiling; missing functions in libcurl.) Anway I just wanted to toss you a bit more info. Hope they fix these problems in newer transmission, I am not sure how to submit a ticket but I also found out someone submitted one 20 months ago about this (libcurl needing version > x), lol, so it wont be fixed soon probably.

Marcin Rybak pisze...

I don't thinks that instaling sth from sources is a good way in distros like Centos, it is good way to crash your system. Centos - mission is to be stable :)