wtorek, 28 lipca 2009

why firefox slow down

For few weeks I was wondering why my firefox is so slow. I use almost same add-ons as my wife-to-be, I have better performanced machine than she, and I always clear a cache/cookies/off-line data when I shut down firefox (set to auto) but my firefox started very slowly, and I was able to use it after 20 seconds from launching it. From time to time it stopped opening new tabs (loading pages took long time). I noticed it at firefox 3.0 and in 3.5 too. At Sunday I finally doped out! When my laptop was offline (with no network access) firefox started in 1-2 seconds. The reason was RSS'es. I had more than 50 different pages subscribed. Now I migrated them to Microsoft Outlook (maybe it is not a best choice, but I looks and works well). The Firefox is alive and kicking!

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