piątek, 17 lipca 2009

clone virtual machine in vmware server 2

to clone an existing virtual machine do like this (yes! it's working solution, tested at moment of creating this post ;) )

# vmware-vdiskmanager -r gentoo-server.vmdk -t 2 temp-gentoo-mr.vmdk
Creating disk 'temp-gentoo-mr.vmdk'
Convert: 100% done.
Virtual disk conversion successful.

where gentoo-server.vmdk is an oryginal disk we want to clone, and temp-gentoo-mr.vmdk is temporary disk file

2. in web manager create new machine, name it "gentoo-mr" (example), don't add any hard disk.
3. move new disk files (temp-gentoo-mr-flat.vmdk temp-gentoo-mr.vmdk) to created machine dir (gentoo-mr/)
4. rename the vmdk files:
# vmware-vdiskmanager -n temp-gentoo-mr.vmdk gentoo-mr.vmdk
Renaming completed successfully.

5. add existing disk file (gentoo-mr.vmdk) to your new machine
6. power on the machine

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Luis Rodrigues pisze...

thanks... you rock... save my life... a development virtual machine gave me errors and i fixit following this instructions...