środa, 10 czerwca 2009

esxi 4 Adaptec with aic79xx does not work

as you can read in VMware vSphere 4.0 Release Notes ESXi Edition:
# Connecting to a tape library through an Adaptec card with aic79xx driver might cause ESXi to fail

If your ESX/ESXi system is connected to a tape library with an Adaptec HBA (for example: AHA-39320A) that uses the aic79xx driver, you might encounter a server crash when the driver tries to access a freed memory area. Such a condition is accompanied by an error message similar to Loop 1 frame=0x4100c059f950 ip=0x418030a936d9 cr2=0x0 cr3=0x400b9000.

Workaround: None

YES!!!... I have controller based at aic79xx driver, and YESSS!!! -> I have tape autoloader connected to it! and finaly YESS!!! it does not work!!! shit happens :)

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Dave pisze...

Strangely, there are -NO- SCSI drivers on the HCL for ESXi 4.0.

All I can say is, "Huh???????". Come on, VMWare, SCSI may not be the latest and greatest technology, but it's still alive and well in the real world.

They have to throw us a bone somewhere -- and soon. It would be nice to have my tape drive hooked up again for backups....

Dave pisze...

Are you able to see the 39320 under Storage Adapters? I assume you had to load Adaptec's driver, correct? Which version did you use?

marti pisze...

Yes, I can see the adapter, but when my scsi drive is powered on and I do "rescan" the whole esxi hang. When I try to boot esxi with drive connected it hang at loading aic79xx.