czwartek, 26 marca 2009

got a little faith in Microsoft

Some time ago I noticed that Microsoft is going to be much more reliable. I'm not sure but almost every day they try to show their's stuff, and look like a good father. Maybe it is only a part of they conspiracy plan, or maybe it is their last chance to set the world on fire and make a good piece of software which will be at least as popular as windows xp. Whatever I try to test - I can see that they are looking up! Some obs:

  1. Almost every Windows 7 release went public.

  2. From release to release they really try to implement people tips, resolve bugs, and even remove functions they made but they were useless of not well done.

  3. Patches  corrects bugs (previously ther rater cut the functionality)

  4. Make things ASAP.

What make me to write this post - yesterday event. I was able to download pre SP2 outlook 2007 patches which really works :). After one day of testing - it really boosts performance and make outlook much more responsive. This update make some changes with pst files, tommorow I'm going to check if this does not break backward compatibility. If you would like to take a test, and try to check what does KB961752,  KB967579 and  KP967629 does, you can simply subscribe for these patches at Microsoft's Support or use this direct download and password (provided by MS):
direct download
password: IBLyKz[k

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