piątek, 12 września 2008

unscrew the IBM U320 disks screw, and connect it to simple u320 controller

I have two unused U320 SCSI drives from IBM (73GB 15 000 rpm), and would like to use it in server which does not supply the hot swap IBM U320 scsi 80 pin backplane. What is more, I have a controler which has just 68 pin u320 plug. If you have a problem how to connect hot swap drive into standard 68 pin u320 scsi this is the solution:

First: buy the adapter like this:

Connect one side to power plug and 68pin cable, and the disk to another side, and that's all, your drive should be seen by your contoller.

Next thing is to uscrew this strange screws! To do this you will need a T10 TORX with a hole iside of it - that is all!

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