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x3650 pci device resource allocation failure

After plug in the two SAS controllers and RSAII into the IBM SystemX x3650, I would like to set them up. The startup combination was ctrl+c while initialization process of SAS HBA Controller (LSI), and it should make the controller BIOS to appear, but I got for 3 seconds alert:
00180106 10000058 pci device resource allocation failure

then I got:
Please wait, invoking SAS configuration Utility...

I waited about 50 minutes (I went for my lunchtime), and after that - I was sure, that something was wrong!

Google... hmmm forward me to developerworks and this linked to IBM MIGR-65754, answer is not clear:
If an "1801 PCI resource error" occurs, disable "PCI ROM Control Execution" for the second controller. This will free enough ROM space for both controllers to run properly.

Disabling this option is done within system BIOS setup.

After the system is powered on, press F1 when prompted.

Select the following menu choices:
* Advanced Setup
* PCI Settings
* PCI ROM Control Execution

Within the "PCI ROM Control Execution" Panel, select the slot number for the secondary controller and disable that slot.
Save the new BIOS settings and restart the server.

First reboot - no difference, second boot, no diference (note that this system reboot last about 10 minutes!), after leaving just one PCI ROM Slot active, everything worked well. But, after installing the OS i noticed that my network interfaces work but with no communication. The reason was that i turned off too much :). Ethernet card has it's own ROM and it has to be activated.

So what is the reason of this state:
When two or more of the affected controllers are installed, the BIOS for each controller will be allocated system ROM space for execution with default system BIOS settings. It is only necessary for the first controller to load its BIOS into ROM space. This single instance of the respective controllers BIOS will manage both adapters of the same type. By disabling "PCI ROM Control Execution" in the system BIOS for the second controller, less ROM space is used and avoids the BIOS POST event "1801 PCI Resource Allocation Errors" when launching the WebBIOS Configuration Utility.


Various onboard devices and adapter cards can have special option BIOS enabled. During system boot, these device will occupy the system option ROM space. The option ROM space is limited to 128K and if too many devices have their BIOS enabled, then there will not be enough room for all of them. For example the iSCSI TOE adapter needs 46K of the option ROM space during boot (of the adapter) and 10K once the adapter is running. Other devices that may occupy the option ROM space in this configuration are ethernet adapters (including the two onboard NICs) with PXE boot enable, system video and the SCSI hard drives.

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thank you !

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thank you very much for the info... save my ass!

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Thanks. saved my life :)

Marcin Rybak pisze...

no problem :)

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Thanks, I have the same error but haven't tried your solution yet. Seems like it would work :) so I am saying thanks in advance. I have added 2nd sas card to have multipathing with ds3512 storage. Lets see how it does.

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Fanatastic. Exact same server and cards. Worked like a charm.