czwartek, 5 czerwca 2008

raid 10 at DS3200,3300,3400

In every marketing documentation I can find, that IBM TotalStorage DS3xxx series support RAID10. But reality is not always such nice as the marketing shit. The official ds3200 documenation says that It can do raid 10. Because as you can see below it is not listed:


I tried to do two raid 1 arrays and make a raid 0 from them, but it is imposible... So i have to read and search a lot of IBM Redbooks, and finaly find that:

When RAID level 1 is implemented and the number of drives increases to more than two, RAID level 10 is automatically implemented.

Very good news :) and it really works:

raid 10 implemented


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Faust pisze...

Thanks, I'm new to all this and it can be very confusing. Thank you