piątek, 30 maja 2008

new toys arrived :)

Today I got some toys to configure... some of this is a really cool (sometimes just expensive :P ) stuff, some photos


IBM DS3400 (dual fibre channel) with twelve 750GB dualport sata drives


Back of DS3400, as we can see - two FC ports (per controller), management port, and drive expansion... at the bottom - redundant power supply

DS3400 controller

DS3400 controloller (one of dwo) with 512MB cache, work in active-active mode

HS21 memory

HS21 blade memory... two 2GB modules and two 1GB modules... looks nice in pairs

qlogic FC card for HS21

Qlogic fibre channel expansion card for IBM blade

nice mem

Feel out of memory?...

need power?

... or maybe out of power? :)

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