wtorek, 29 kwietnia 2008

windows xp with sp3... waff

Hmmm... I have just installed sp3 for windows xp, (in PL and EN version)... because of test purposes, I made it at vmware virtual machine (at clean install)

sp3 view

so the thoughts:

  • no visual changes (maybe just in properiences in "my computer" :) )

  • no performance improvements (hard to test in virtual machine environment, but in a few days I'll test it at some laptop or PC and make a comment)

  • instalation is rather simple, and with no complications only one reboot is needed (it is a 3 times better than vista SP1 :twisted:)

  • I'm going to test NAP, because it is the most interesting thing which was implemented in SP3...

so... see you in the future :)

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