poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2008

where the fuc*** is smbmount?

The version of samba has been chanded (3.xxxx), and the smbmount command has been depreciated. I noticed that fact, about 5-6 months ago, but I've never need this option at all.

I have to connect two linux machines, and I have to use the samba protocol... so... the answer is CIFS :)

Centos 5 and PLD Linux has cifs in its kernels, so you can easly use command like this:
[root@nitrogen ~]# mount -t cifs // /mnt/test --verbose -o user=test
parsing options: rw,user=test

here you have to give the password :), and after successful login you should get sth like this:
mount.cifs kernel mount options unc=//\testcase,ip=,pass=secretpass,ver=1,rw,user=test

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