piątek, 18 stycznia 2008

asus p5b se... linux 32bit and 6gigs of RAM... wtf?


I upgrated ram in Aquarius Server... Because ddr2 price is really cool for now (107PLN), I bought 2 modules (thanks for sponsor of one - xoff :) ) containing 2GB each. And so the story begun :)

After booting the 2.6.22 PLD kernel the system was tooootaly slow (like a turtle :) ). I asked - WHY? PLD Linux dist kernel does have

set up. Ok... so I build a spec with high mem enabled

and... nothing has changed, after experiments with 'mem' grub parameter I noticed that only if I set 4GB it works properly and fast... ok, I build another egg with PAE enabled... no difference (you can find this kernel in new section "packages")

Everybody at #pldhelp channel suggested installing 64bit version of PLD (TH release).

I tried to boot up a 64bit pld rescue cd... but - it hung at
checking if image is initramfs...

I removed ram, and left only 2GB, installed TH (thanks for xoff :) )... and... nothing has changed... WTF i thought. I scanned the ram by memtest86... no errors. OK... google...

Two interesting articles:
From ubuntu forum

From linux kernel bugzilla

Both suggested updating bios, but the problem dealt with gigabyte mainboard. As Ahmed said "what do I care - I'm dead :)", I tried to find the new bios, but in release note was only an information about "new cpu support". But as I said "what do I care :)"... I did a BIOS update (with eZ flash utility built in asus bios, which can update the bios with .rom file located at cdrom, floppy or pendrive). And - everything is OK :).

The system starts perfectly fast... and... take a look at this:
MemTotal: 5805668 kB

but i found in cat /proc/meminfo something like this:

VmallocTotal: 34359738367 kB ... nice... 34 349 GB of what? :)

the answer is here

now I have a doubt to consider... use ac with 32bits or unstable th with 64bits

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