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VMware Server 2.0

I have just recieved invitation to test the VMware Server 2.0 beta... Downloading in progress, after check I'll write my observations. For now, you can read some product informations:
If you’ve experienced the benefits of virtualisation with VMware Server, you know that it can reduce costs and take the complexity out of IT. Now, the beta version of VMware’s next generation free virtualisation solution, Server 2.0, is available and we want you to put it to the test!

What’s new in Server 2.0?

  • Enhanced navigation and management with new Web-based user interface

  • Expanded operating system support, including Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 (current beta release), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Ubuntu 7.x

  • Improved scalability with support for up to 8 GB of RAM per virtual machine, up to 2 virtual SMP processors, and up to 64 virtual machines per host

Don’t wait to take advantage of this great opportunity to be part of the virtualisation revolution!


I'm just after instalation... where is the f... manual?  The history of this shit looks like the history of Tivoli Storage Manager version 5.2 was great! Version 5.3 with management console based at websphere... took about 2GB of RAM only to start the console...

Problem with VM 2.0 is simmilar - afert start - it took about 700MB of memory - without any VMachine started. Ok... i have to check it at Linux Server... because Windows XP and virtualizations - sux :).

First... ok... I'll read the manual :) and share my opinion :)

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